Gaming, the Norwegian way. It's silly, full of mistakes, accent-heavy, mildly humorous (or so I think!), but most of all it's this old gal's passion! If you share that passion with me, if you love video games in general and RPGs & Let's Plays in particular, my videos might be for you. I'm not afraid to make mistakes. I get easily confused and sometimes frustrated. But I love what I do, be it XCOM 2, KoTOR, Mass Effect, Headlander, Solus or Sims. Would you like to know more? Why not subscribe to my channel for future content?


TheOldBat on Youtube: https://t.co/Cu61Zxrhwx


I'm so glad you asked! Well, I'm chatty .. just ask my family. Or don't! Anywho, I don't mind sharing my thoughts, so to say. And maybe, just maybe my family is tired of hearing my voice. And maybe my son told me; "Mom, since you love to hold lectures.. I mean talk! And you love to play video games - why not upload to Youtube?"


Well, if he did, maybe I started thinking. A lot. Would anyone listen to an old bat in broken english? I still don't have an answer to that, but I love what I do! And I've got the time. So, that's the short version.


Thanks for hearing me out and welcome to my channel!